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Team up with brands on Bamboo in ways you have never seen. Every time your followers redeem a promo product in-store with Bamboo digital debit, you pocket up to a sweet 55%. Don't hit the snoozer and join the waitlist now.

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Feed header for "corporate life vlog"
Post of business woman taking a selfie while something explodes in the background.Image of a post featuring an unpaid intern jumping across cars with their boss' coffee order.Image post of business woman pitching a room full of gorillas.
Feed header for "Bagpipe World Tour" in Tampa, Florida.
An image post of a Scottish bagpiper playing his bagpipe in front of a huge audience.Post of a poll asking where the Scottish bagpiper should tour next.An image post of a bagpiping Scottish man fighting an alligator in the swamps.
Feed header for "Experiments with Fruit."
Written post about "sock puppets coming to LA!"Image post of sock puppets travelling through Paris.Image post of sock puppet on vacation in Japan.

Create experiences for every audience

Rally your brain trust and charge into Bamboo. Here, you craft unique feeds to engage your fans in new ways. Team up, create, and watch the like-minded come together.

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Build feeds that...


Set the clock on your digital footprint. Create the feed, then watch it vanish before it overstays its welcome. Make your mark, then... *poof*, *presto*. Let it fade like a legend.

get you paid

Bamboo turns your grind turns into gain. Set a subscription or a one-time fee for your masterpiece. Trust your content, make believers out of your fans, and watch the support roll in.

are location-based

Your next big following is just around the corner. Perfect for events, community vibes, and promotions that need that neighborly touch. Give it a whirl and watch your local scene light up.

You control who can see and who can post to any of your feeds!

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Join us

Get going. Get feedin'.

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Dive in. Get englightened.

Do you sell personal data?
No. We do not. Any and all data shared with 3rd parties is pseudomized and not connected to any of your personal information or identifiers. The fancy term for it is "privacy-oriented retargeting."
Is this... another social platform? (ಠ_ಠ)
Yes... but uhm... also no. Bamboo is a social network, but we're not looking to be the next big viral sensation, like the platforms that rhyme with "Basebook" or "KnickKnock". Our goal is very simple: get creators paid. You can 100% participate using audiences you’ve built on other platforms. Bamboo does have some neat social features in case you want to check them out and grow a community here as well.
Is the "Bamboo Card" a credit card?
The Bamboo Card is a rewards debit card, and it will be automatically added (for free) to Bamboo accounts upon sign-up. You don't have to apply or provide any personal information. All you have to do is register for a free Bamboo account to get one once available.
Do I need to post on Bamboo to participate in brand deals?
You do not. We encourage you to leverage your audiences wherever they are to get the word out.
How do I get access to brand deals?
Sign up to our waitlist below to find out when they go live. We're targeting Summer 2024.
I don't see any brand deals or promotions on Bamboo. Send help!
Don't fret! Bamboo promotions are not live yet. Sign up to our waitlist below to find out when they go live. We're targeting Summer 2024.
How do I add the Bamboo card to my Apple or Google Wallet?
While we wait for our awesome engineering team to flip the switch, the best thing you can do is sign up to our waitlist below to find out when they go live. We're targeting Summer 2024.
How do I get in touch with Bamboo?
Instagram or LinkedIn is the best way to reach us. Just send us a DM and we'll get back to you asap.
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